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Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim
In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return - Al-Baqra [2:156]
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"This Project in India does not have any connection or support or approval from The Gardens of Peace, Project in UK"

Let me introduce myself. My name is Gardens of Peace - Muslim Cemetery (Graveyard). I am your final destiny. I plan reside along the highway about 25 KM from Hyderabad City. My size will be approximately 10.0 acres and I am just try to be to make way in this world. Being quite young idea, you can imagine at present I am in need of your full support with a heart to accommodate 2500ĖI plan to cultivate a culture of openness and giving - Thatís how much hospitable and open-hearted I am.

However, I have a complaint that you folks are not giving your due attention to me & my community and because of that most of my community (graveyards) are abused, misused, encroached and are overflowing. Isnít it ironic and unfortunate - with so much community around me still I am being neglected.

India's teeming cities, where even the living jostles for space, are running out of room for the dead.

India's Hindus cremate their loved ones, but the country's Muslim and Christian minorities usually choose burial -- and they fear the practice is under threat. About 185 million Indians belong to the two faiths, with census figures recording 13 percent of the population as Muslim and two percent as Christian.

Finding land for burials in urban areas is the primary problem, religious leaders say, as India's cities become ever more congested and every piece of earth is fiercely fought over.

"Go anywhere in India and see the graveyards, they are all full," said Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, chairman of the All India Imam Organisation in New Delhi. "The government has been overlooking this issue for decades."

Ilyasi said the lack of burial space is not just a problem in major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata but has spread to many small towns.

To meet their needs, increasing numbers of Muslims are joining together to buy small pieces of wasteland to convert into "Kabristans" -- Muslim graveyards. Mohammed Arif, a resident of Noida on the outskirts of Delhi, purchased a government-registered plot along with his siblings and cousin in 2008. "When my nephew died in a car crash, we struggled to get space in a graveyard in Delhi to bury him," said Arif. "We want to avoid such a crisis in future." Unquote

If you google this topic and do little bit of research you will know that this problem is ever growing. And you can observe around you and in your local communities.

I am the solution to above mentioned problems and many more. Why me only? I am a cemetery with a difference – I am eco-friendly, re-usable and professionally managed. I plan to bring a revolution in this very important area of our live & community yet which is neglected. The issue is people do not give a careful and proactive thought to me, they wake up when someone die and they go to sleep again.

Let me describe myself in brief, so that you get an idea. I am plot of around 10 acres well leveled and planned with proper roads, plots and plantation on the sides. Plots are ready to accommodate its future residents for their long journey towards their eternal life and welcome them.

I do not allow anyone to encroach and burden me by building concrete structures, or any type of structure, concrete may help build a hut for those who are alive.

I want to be a garden of peace for those who are dead and for those who are alive by being a green patch for the whole area where I reside.

I want to be maintained well so that people visiting me find peace and I want to be a model for others to follow.
My Vision:
Provide an exclusive, eco-friendly, re-usable burial place for Muslim community in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

My Mission:

Ensure local Muslim community has their own full service cemetery facilitating full burial rites by protecting, maintaining, preserving & sustaining the cemetery.

My Purpose:
Cemetery’s significant purpose derives from its formal capacity to evoke or establish memory of death, to remind the living of reminder to manifest that this world is not our home. Devaluation of all things accentuating the temporal life is the starting point for a Muslim, embracing that the life of the body is not a real life, and the negation of this life is the beginning rather than the end.

And making it available for generations to come by accommodating many times more than a conventional cemetery of my size can.

Why you need me?

If you feel that this issues is not that important and not a high priority, just read few excerpts from an article below. And if you have time you can check the complete article by clicking here “India's Muslims, Christians fight for burial rights”

Cemetery Rules/Policies:

Islamic laws govern all matters concerning me.
Only Muslim male, female and their children are allowed to be buried.
The deceased or family has only interment rights to be buried. However, they don't own any part of me.
Family of deceased agrees to abide by all rules issued by the board of directors.
Visitors must respect privacy of occupants of the graves. Avoid making noises or walking on top of the graves.
No monument, memorial tree or plant of any kind shall be placed upon any grave.
Walking, standing or sitting on top of a grave is prohibited.
Burial at this cemetery is prohibited at these times: During sunrise, during sunset, at high noon and at night.
No Muslim can be buried in this cemetery without being bathed and prayed for.

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